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I do love a sport. I played basketball when I’m in Junior High School and High School. My favorite sports are basketball and billiard. But I don’t have time and friends to play basketball and billiard together.

Now, to stay healthy and fit I join gym club next to my office area. I visit this club at least 2 days a week. I usually take two classes in one day 🙂 They have some schedule like Sh’bam, Zumba, Body Balance, Circuit, Core, Pilates, and soon. My favorite class are Zumba and Body Balance because it’s fun and easier for me. Hehehe… The hardest part for me is to do push up, I’m still learning how to have a perfect push-up.

Maybe one of you wonder, have I lost my fat after hit the gym regularly? Yes, I have. Actually I just join the gym club three months ago but only 3 percent of my fat 😦 have burnt. Aaaaaakkk. Even though that’s hurt me, I think again my first reason when I join the gym club. I want to be healthier and happier. For loss fat program, I also have to choose a healthy food only. I’m not ready (yet) to say goodbye to junk food and non-healthy food 😀

If I may give you some suggestion, you can also do the sports at home. Just do 5 minutes plank in the morning time and before bedtime. You will feel the difference after one month. And if you have more time, you can follow the instruction from Youtube. Very easy way (and you don’t have to pay) using keyword search LesMills Sh’bam or LesMills Body Balance, choose one video feel the music and shake your body.