EF #19 The Memorable One

Pic from here: http://jenellbstewart.com/tag/love-relationships/
Pic from here: http://jenellbstewart.com/tag/love-relationships/

Since I don’t have a serious relationship before I met the person whom become my husband today (LOL LOL LOL). So, I will say that my memorable one is my relationship with Mas Eri (my hubby). Because our story very sweet for me. And he is exactly the one who I always dream about. (Preettt) Haha…

I want people with a good sense of humor, the clever one, and the kind-hearted people. Simply, he is the one I want and the one I need too.

You may read our love story here 🙂 God is good.

Here is my story about the memorable one, tell me yours!


I want to become an astronaut J But, I know it will be very hard to make those dream come true 😀 so I decide to choose another goals haha….

When I’m in Senior High School, I want to become psychologist. I love to learn about mind and people behavior  J But again, when my eldest sister decide to took psychology on universities I decided to change my mind :p That’s not cool if we have a similar job (my thought). Lol. Then, meanwhile I finished my study in High School, I kept thinking what profession will I choose for my future. Actually, I want to become a news anchor  J.

I remember, one day my late father asked me “Ji, When you are mature, what job do you want to be?” and I replied “I want became a politicians, Ayah.” Then my father said “No, there is no hope and no future become a politician, you only will take money from small people. Go find another one beside politicians” Hahahaha….. I’m sad my father told me so, but I have to move on and have make up my mind and decide another profession I want to be.

Public Relations, why Public Relations? Simply, because I love to relate with other people, I love to talk, I love “Show Off”-ing something, I love the ideas to give something to community thru CSR. When choosing campus, I talked to my parent that I only want to school in London School, there is no excuse or I will not take any other education. Lol. (How stubborn I am!)

Alhamdulillah, my parents fully support my choice J Thank you Ayah and Mamah.

Thanking God, I have a job very related to my education. Back then when I just graduate from campus, I got a job as a PR Officer, then I move again as a PR too, and now I am a PR too J Oh what a life.. But, I still feel that I need to learn more on this field especially from creative thinking. My creative concepts skill is on average 😀 I want to become an expert in creative concept. I know it’s long term project but I know I can.

Honestly, I still think that become an astronaut very cool. Lol.

I write this post to fulfill BEC week Challenge.

EF #15 Children Games Now and Then

When I was a kid, I played so many games with my friend. I play hide and seek (who doesn’t?), I play congklak, monopoli, tap benteng, galasin, karet and even almost every day I climb the tree with my friends :D. Besides that, I love using roller skate (eh ini bener ga bahasa inggrisnya sepatu roda?), or ride on my bicycle. What a very nice outdoor activity.

And, what is my opinion about children games nowadays? I don’t have kids (yet), but I see my niece. She loves to play games from gadget (smartphone, tab). I thought it was happen because she is mirroring her mother. Her mother (my sister) is very attached to her phone and she gave my niece a game on the tablet too! Maybe, this is not the rare things again when a toddler is very advance using a smartphone or tab. Who teach them? Who do you think??

Even though, my niece sometimes used bicycle around her house but she prefer plays gadget rather than outdoor activity.

Maybe some parents ought to have more thoughts for this. I mean, yes, it is cool to have a 5 years old kid even toddler to be an advance in tech but as a kid it’s important for them to have an outdoor activity, it’s important to run, walk, climb, feel the wind, sleep on to the green grass, etc. I have a great memory based on those things.

If God give me a chance to have kids, I will ask them to climb the tree, to play with sand, to swim at the beach and any other activities. I want them as close as possible to the nature. Any comment?

Love Living Fit


Picture taken from http://www.trusper.com/tips/5-Minute-Plank-Workout-/8246478
Picture taken from

I do love a sport. I played basketball when I’m in Junior High School and High School. My favorite sports are basketball and billiard. But I don’t have time and friends to play basketball and billiard together.

Now, to stay healthy and fit I join gym club next to my office area. I visit this club at least 2 days a week. I usually take two classes in one day 🙂 They have some schedule like Sh’bam, Zumba, Body Balance, Circuit, Core, Pilates, and soon. My favorite class are Zumba and Body Balance because it’s fun and easier for me. Hehehe… The hardest part for me is to do push up, I’m still learning how to have a perfect push-up.

Maybe one of you wonder, have I lost my fat after hit the gym regularly? Yes, I have. Actually I just join the gym club three months ago but only 3 percent of my fat 😦 have burnt. Aaaaaakkk. Even though that’s hurt me, I think again my first reason when I join the gym club. I want to be healthier and happier. For loss fat program, I also have to choose a healthy food only. I’m not ready (yet) to say goodbye to junk food and non-healthy food 😀

If I may give you some suggestion, you can also do the sports at home. Just do 5 minutes plank in the morning time and before bedtime. You will feel the difference after one month. And if you have more time, you can follow the instruction from Youtube. Very easy way (and you don’t have to pay) using keyword search LesMills Sh’bam or LesMills Body Balance, choose one video feel the music and shake your body.


My Ride


I live in Sawangan, Depok and my office in Jakarta Barat area, I need to drive more than 30 km from home to office 5 days a week. As you might know, that I need about 2 hours or even more if the traffic very bad 😀 to reach the office.

Me and my husband are using a car to reach our office and to go to other places as well. We bought that car a month after we were married before the car has a complete license and soon, we used to rode on a motorcycle to go to the office. (Suddenly I miss riding our motorcycle).

This may be quite interesting, our car has accompanied us for three years but the kilometers measurement is showing that we drove to 100.000km and more!

Our car is like our second home, and also the place that I spent so much time with my husband. We are singing, talking, laughing, and dancing in the car. Yeayyness!

I (My hubby) did a routine checking on our car. Because we realize that the car is our needed to support our daily activity. Well, my husband rarely allow me to driving the car. His reasons are he don’t want me to get tired because of driving car :p I beg my husband for buy me a new car, he said yes but don’t know when will it become true. Lol

This post to fulfill the BEC‘s week challenge.

Fyi: I write this post on the plane flying back to Jakarta then meet my hubby and our car as well.

English Friday – OOTD

I never posted about OOTD before, so this will be my first OOTD post.

Taking picture at toilet. Lol
Taking picture at toilet. Lol

I’m not confident to post about my style either on Instagram or Blog (P.S: please follow my Instagram @s_fauziah… Lol) because my style is very old school. I guess 😀

I love wearing dresses, and also jeans and shirts indeed 🙂

Here are my OOTD details:

1. Cardigan – I bought it online, about two years ago (my God such a long time). I like the color of the cardigan. I like the color. It’s sweet but it has faded over time. Lol

2. Dress – I bought the dress at one of Factory Outlets in BSD. I forgot the brand. The dress actually has very small polka dots accent and the color is dark blue (not black). I like it so much because it makes me look slimmer (teteup) and I feel confident when I wear it. Sometimes I wear the dress without a cardigan.

3. Shoes – These simple flat shoes fit my feet perfectly. And the price was very affordable for the quality.

So, here is my post about OOTD. Gosh, It’s hard for me who never did OOTD before.

EF #10 Indonesian Food

Well, honestly. I love almost all Indonesian Food. All variant of Sate (sate padang, sate ayam,sate maranggi,sate lilit) soto, nasi goreng, nasi uduk, bakmi djawa, gado-gado, ketoprak, nasi padang complete, mie aceh, gudeg, coto makassar, oxtail soup, kerak telor, rica-rica and anything else. So, this week’s challenge a little bit makes me confuse. Which food I should highlight! Lol

I have decided all the time favorite Indonesian food is Pempek

Pempek is my comfort food. Even if I feel my stomach already full, There is always a room for pempek!

Lucky me, when I was a child my mom try to make pempek. Her pempek is delicious. She usually used ikan tenggiri for pempek ingredient. After she visited my husband’s family in Palembang and learn to make pempek there, her pempek even better! She can make pempek from any variant of fish, and the taste still nice. Really! Of course, I learned to cook pempek too from my Mom. Cuko is a must for pempek for some people. More spicy better for me! I also love eat pempek without cuko though.

In Jakarta, I love Pempek Abing. At least, once a month I order Pempek Candy from Palembang. Haha. My gosh, I’m craving for pempek now!

This post is for fulfilling BEC weekly challenge. Sorry for the late submission 🙂

Meet Up, anyone?

I don’t have an opportunity (yet) to meet up with other bloggers 😦 So, I don’t know what should I share here.

Poor me 😦

But, I do have a plan to meet up with Kak Joyz, hopefully, this month! We already chat thru WA to discuss our plan 😀 but haven’t decided the date to meet haha, because we both are busy (sok sibuk). The one thing we have agreed is, we will meet at Puri Indah Mall :p
If anyone wanna join our meet-up, please feel free to join!

Dear Me,

This year will be felt very upset, very stressful and very sad. But trust me, one day you will be stronger than you are before. If I may give you a suggestion, please spend more time with your family. Don’t ask! Just do it! You will never regret it.

I remember, this year you will also graduate from high school and continue your education path by taking university. Your campus will be very cool, very fun. You will find no (big) problem at your campus. You will meet new friends, new ambiance, and a lot of new things you can learn from this place. Your work will be much related with your major at campus 🙂 Please pay more attention to your lecture and do your paper with your heart hahahaha…. Don’t do too much shopping; don’t go to ITC Ambassador often ^.^. You will meet one “funny” guy in campus J but don’t take him too serious… haha… Or your heart will be broken! In 2006, you will have another achievement for your life. Yeeayyy… And oh, you will work as a part timer in one of coffee company.

You will marry with…………… (Someone you are dreaming of :p) Your prince charming! No, no, you don’t know him know! You never know him until you are 22 😀 Be patient, please!

Last but not the least your life would be ups and downs, colorful, very challenging, and sometimes stressful and make you cry. But, trust me; it will make you stronger than ever! Please always cheerful!


Siti Fauziah at 27 years old

Weekly Challenge from BEC, Write A Letter to The Younger You

BEC – “Snap and Tell a Story!”


Welcome Friday! It’s time for English Friday, and today challenge snap a picture and tell a story!

It’s hard to decide which picture I want to share :p but I have decided to upload a picture of mine.

This picture was taken at Grand Elty Krakatoa Resort – Kalianda, Lampung during Mudik Lebaran 2014. The man in the picture was my husband, he loves to take pictures very much but I rarely got a nice picture of him 😀 (Don’t know why his face usually looks weird in a photo haha). So, I take this picture secretly when he was busy and focus on his phone and my hubby’s face didn’t look weird haha…