EF #15 Children Games Now and Then

When I was a kid, I played so many games with my friend. I play hide and seek (who doesn’t?), I play congklak, monopoli, tap benteng, galasin, karet and even almost every day I climb the tree with my friends :D. Besides that, I love using roller skate (eh ini bener ga bahasa inggrisnya sepatu roda?), or ride on my bicycle. What a very nice outdoor activity.

And, what is my opinion about children games nowadays? I don’t have kids (yet), but I see my niece. She loves to play games from gadget (smartphone, tab). I thought it was happen because she is mirroring her mother. Her mother (my sister) is very attached to her phone and she gave my niece a game on the tablet too! Maybe, this is not the rare things again when a toddler is very advance using a smartphone or tab. Who teach them? Who do you think??

Even though, my niece sometimes used bicycle around her house but she prefer plays gadget rather than outdoor activity.

Maybe some parents ought to have more thoughts for this. I mean, yes, it is cool to have a 5 years old kid even toddler to be an advance in tech but as a kid it’s important for them to have an outdoor activity, it’s important to run, walk, climb, feel the wind, sleep on to the green grass, etc. I have a great memory based on those things.

If God give me a chance to have kids, I will ask them to climb the tree, to play with sand, to swim at the beach and any other activities. I want them as close as possible to the nature. Any comment?