BEC – My Alter Ego

When BEC’s admin announced that this week theme is about Alter Ego, I just smiled all day long. Why is it? Because, I think I have more than one alter ego. LOL

But, I will tell one of them only 🙂

As might you know (or don’t know) in a real life, I’m a very cheerful person, full of laugh, talkative, excited for almost everything, the one who love sarcasm *evillaugh, reckless and “clown” in groups who always bring and share jokes, happiness and laughs, very confident, fearless. Am I? Jadi nanya sendiri hahahaa….

From a long time ago, I thought I have more than one alter ego. I want to have other personality, sometimes I want to be very different from I am now. Let me describe it. My alter ego is the person who has an opposite personality than my real life. My alter ego are lady who very quiet, shy, calm, not talking too much (as I’m now), neat, very feminine and well organized. Well, actually it seems like easy to act like that for some people, but it’s very difficult for me to do that. One day, I used to become very quiet, and then people have wondered what was going on, why I’m so quiet, am I sick? Or have any problem? Am I angry with them? And soon.. Hehe… People feel weird with my “silent” personality.

I’ve tried to be as calm as I can be. But I thought I’m still “grusuan” and very noise. Lol. In my opinion, calm people are cooler than “grusuan” people. From third years ago until now I tend to be more feminine by using makeup (the simple one and almost every day), I use dress or skirt sometimes. I’m trying my best to be tidy and neat people, but it’s tired and hard to be tidy and neat every day. Haha, maybe I’m just lazy 😀

So, which personality I love the most? Of course my original one, I love to talk, love to laugh, love to be spontaneous, and love to clap my hand and or dance whenever I’m happy.

For this theme, I’ve tried to search some quiz, and here’s the link:

And my result is:



The ultimate symbol of vigilante justice, You are vengeance – You are the night – You – Are – BATMAN! We’re not exactly sure if you’re a millionaire playboy/girl by day, but by night you are the fear that strikes the heart of every criminal in the history of ever. Bold, extremely intelligent, and pretty much the best at everything there is to be the best at – Your sense of responsibility to those less fortunate than yourself is only matched by your extreme paranoia and borderline psychosis. And yes, we’re all for the theory of “Bruce Wayne is the mask that Batman wears, not the other way around” – but would you really have rather gotten that as your alter ego? We thought not. Now where’s Alfred with the shark repellent?

So, who is your alter ego?

What is BEC for you?

BEC means a lot for me

BEC is a medium for me to improve my English skill. At BEC we don’t need to be shy if we make some mistake because another member will correct our grammar or sentence without laughing at us.

BEC mean a new friend, a new blogger friend. Sounds cool huh? 😉

BEC also help me to refresh some learn about English, especially in grammar things 😦 which one of my weakness.

Thank you for admin (Mas Ryan, Mas Dani, Mba Nita) who has made all things well at BEC  Thank you for BEC’s mentors who patiently help us to improves our English.

What kind of tool will you grab from Doraemon’s magic pocket? (BEC)

File from internet
File from internet

What kind of tool will you grab from Doraemon’s magic pocket? (BEC)
Hi, here we go again in another BEC (Blog English Challenge) Topic for this week is very good. “What kind of tool you will grab from Doraemon’s magic pocket?” It’s very interesting! Isn’t it?

Thank you admins, for making me day dream for the rest of the week. It is very difficult to choose only one, I repeat again, ONLY ONE tool from Doraemon’s magic pocket. How could you so mean to me dear admins? :p

Honestly, I hope I could have Doraemon’s magic pocket haha. But, if I have to choose only one tool I will choose “Magic Wallet” Ahaaaa.. Do you want to know what a “Magic Wallet” is? Or do you already have an idea what kind of tool that is? Hehe…

Yap, you’re right! A “Magic Wallet” is wallet that can multiply your money. Haha. Sorry. I have to admit that I’m a material girl. LOL. Just kidding. Ok, back to the topic. How does a “Magic Wallet” work? Simply, just open the wallet, put your money inside, close it and wait exactly an hour. Open the wallet again, Taraaaaaa and your money will multiply 😀 Wow magic happens. But remember, this “Magic Wallet” can be use only once a day. So use it wisely.

How will this “Magic Wallet” help my life? I will be a millionaire! If I’m a millionaire, I will be a philanthropy as well. I will give my money to help other people, buy food for starving people and build a bridge for some kids who need to swim to reach their school, build some people houses. Besides those things, I definitely will use some money to travel all over the world with my baby boo 😀 Buy anything my momand mom in law want :p Give anything to my lovely cousins hehe… My God, life never feel so good!

Well, thank you for stopping by and reading my wild “dream”, dear friends :p Ok, from now on stop dreaming Puji, and continue your real life. Work smart, work hard and play harder!!

How gadget affects our life (BEC)

Photo from
Photo from

Hello everyone, here we go again in BEC challenge 😀 the topic for this week quite difficult but still interesting tough.
So, how gadget affect my life?

Since I am using a smartphone, I feel more up to date, more sophisticated, cooler, and soon. Haha… I use my gadget for social media (oh of course!), capture a moment by taking a picture, writing a blog (sometimes), chatting, and do coordination with my team using group chatting 😀

By the way, before the topic for this week have decided, I already feels that I’m a gadget freak. I always check my phone during everything I did. When I eat, when I work or even worst when I am in the middle of meeting or talking with my friends. I know this is a bad habit, a very bad habit. And I decided to reduce checking frequency to my phone while I am with someone. I do this because I think that I have to respect people who talking with me and pay attention more to them.

And the result is I very enjoy talking with a real person instead of scrolling the twitter timeline 😀 haha… But I still need gadget for up to date news, keep in touch with my mom thru BBM, for sharing my photo on Instagram, and also for my job. As I mentioned before, we do work coordination via WA group. I think it’s impossible for me to have gadget fasting, but I promise for always keep my gadget on the desk whenever I’m talking with someone 😀

My Wildest Dream (BEC)


Finally i am decided to join BEC. Since my english language has no progress since i don’t know when haha. I could understand if people talk to me or read some article in English, but i’m very confuse to choose which grammar do i have to use to give them a feedback. I can use simple english only because my grammar was very very bad. I got my english course since i’m in school, even though my campus using 80% english. But whyyy my english still “oneng” why why? 😀 and i have no confident using English :p

So, back to the topic. What is my wildest dream. My wildest dream are


Ride on motorcycle with Valentino Rossi as fast as he can with his motorcycle of course. Haha. I really love motorcycle, and love high speed. Wink wink. I now this maybe seems very impossible to come true, but who knows God plan’s right? :p

And the last but not the least is I Want to become Miss Universe lol yeah let’s laugh together 😀

Miss Universe

Am i look good? :D
Am i look good? 😀

Why? In my humble opinion,i think it’s cool become the “most beautiful people in the whole universe :p” haha. And i can do charity as much as i want do all over the world haha. It’s sounds silly but yeah, i really want to become Miss Universe 😀

I try to reach my second dream, i joined Miss Indonesia in 2007  😀 and i’m become semifinalist (yess semifinalist doesn’t appear on TV :p) but i also knew, God also have the better plan 😀 Hahaha..

Enjoy your laugh and smiles after reading my post. And oh, don’t forget! Please do some correction if i use so many grammar in wrong way. My pleasure to have some correction from all of you, to make my English better 🙂

Ciao bella 🙂