One Lonely Blog Award

Halo Christa thank you so much for the award ya 🙂

The rules for this award are simple:

  1. Each nominee must thank the person who nominated them (including a link to their blog). They must list the rules and post the blog award badge in the post.
  2. They must add 7 facts about themselves.
  3. They must nominate 15 other bloggers and notify them that they have been nominated.

And here’s 7 facts about Puji

  1. I have so many bucket list haha, example: Visit New Zealand, and Norway. But, the reason behind why I want to visit Norway so much. Because I want to see Aurora very much. God, please give me a chance to make my dream come true 🙂
  2. I love “Green” color because for me green means nature.
  3. Maybe some of you know that I love to cook so much, but in this year, I challenge myself to have another hobby. And my another hobby goes to Baking. Lol Lol.. Hahaa
  4. Have you ever wonder? Why I  have a “Puji” as my nickname? So here is the story. My full name is Siti Fauziah, and then my Alm.ayah want to call me Fuji. (short from Fauziah) Because of we are a Sundanese, it’s quite difficult to pronounce “F” (F became eP and V became pe). So I became “Puji” 😀
  5. I don’t like “seledri”. It tastes weird 😦
  6. I join “Scout” and “Basketball” when I was in school 🙂
  7. Apalagi yaa, barusan inget terus lupa hahahaa…. Eh, coba men temen kira – kira fact apa yang pantes disimpen di no.7?

Oke, segini aja ya. Feel free to comment and or being Grammar Nazi 🙂