English Friday – OOTD

I never posted about OOTD before, so this will be my first OOTD post.

Taking picture at toilet. Lol
Taking picture at toilet. Lol

I’m not confident to post about my style either on Instagram or Blog (P.S: please follow my Instagram @s_fauziah… Lol) because my style is very old school. I guess 😀

I love wearing dresses, and also jeans and shirts indeed 🙂

Here are my OOTD details:

1. Cardigan – I bought it online, about two years ago (my God such a long time). I like the color of the cardigan. I like the color. It’s sweet but it has faded over time. Lol

2. Dress – I bought the dress at one of Factory Outlets in BSD. I forgot the brand. The dress actually has very small polka dots accent and the color is dark blue (not black). I like it so much because it makes me look slimmer (teteup) and I feel confident when I wear it. Sometimes I wear the dress without a cardigan.

3. Shoes – These simple flat shoes fit my feet perfectly. And the price was very affordable for the quality.

So, here is my post about OOTD. Gosh, It’s hard for me who never did OOTD before.