Dear Me,

This year will be felt very upset, very stressful and very sad. But trust me, one day you will be stronger than you are before. If I may give you a suggestion, please spend more time with your family. Don’t ask! Just do it! You will never regret it.

I remember, this year you will also graduate from high school and continue your education path by taking university. Your campus will be very cool, very fun. You will find no (big) problem at your campus. You will meet new friends, new ambiance, and a lot of new things you can learn from this place. Your work will be much related with your major at campus 🙂 Please pay more attention to your lecture and do your paper with your heart hahahaha…. Don’t do too much shopping; don’t go to ITC Ambassador often ^.^. You will meet one “funny” guy in campus J but don’t take him too serious… haha… Or your heart will be broken! In 2006, you will have another achievement for your life. Yeeayyy… And oh, you will work as a part timer in one of coffee company.

You will marry with…………… (Someone you are dreaming of :p) Your prince charming! No, no, you don’t know him know! You never know him until you are 22 😀 Be patient, please!

Last but not the least your life would be ups and downs, colorful, very challenging, and sometimes stressful and make you cry. But, trust me; it will make you stronger than ever! Please always cheerful!


Siti Fauziah at 27 years old

Weekly Challenge from BEC, Write A Letter to The Younger You