7 Fun Facts About Me


Thank you, Mba Mikan for nominated me on Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

The rules of the game are as follow:

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7 things about myself. Kinda difficult to do this because I’m complicated person haha, but as always, I will try my best :p

1. Many people guess I’m come from North Sumatera or North Sulawesi, but in fact I’m come from West Java (Sundanese 😀 100% original Sundanese. :D)

2. I’m really love cooking and baking. When I was a kid I always help my Mom in the kitchen.  My mommy is my first mentor 🙂 I never join in cooking and or baking class, I hope someday I could join cooking class to improve my skill.

3. I’m sarcastic, sometimes people call me “Jutek”, my team call me “Ibu Tiri” :p but on the other side I’m a very warm people. *Wink wink

4. I’m very enjoy spending my time at home, doing nothing a.k.a cleaning house or cooking. Am also enjoy to gather with my mom, my sisters, my cousins, my family 🙂

5. Talking about food. My food need to be spicy, spicy and spicy, more chilli and more pepper, please 🙂 I love pasta soooo much, so so much and, of course, Indonesian food though. I love eat, I love food.

6. I have a dream to visit New Zealand, Finland, and Norway 🙂 and I really want to see Northern Lights! Oh God, please make my dream come true!

7. Favorite genre movie that I love is comedy, romantic love, and superhero 😀

I have to nominate other bloggers for the award. And the nominee are Ririe (My beauty blogger friend, please do visit her blog!), Mba Deny, Mba IndahMbaKayka. Please feel free to ignore this if you are very busy or have tagged before 🙂