What kind of tool will you grab from Doraemon’s magic pocket? (BEC)

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What kind of tool will you grab from Doraemon’s magic pocket? (BEC)
Hi, here we go again in another BEC (Blog English Challenge) Topic for this week is very good. “What kind of tool you will grab from Doraemon’s magic pocket?” It’s very interesting! Isn’t it?

Thank you admins, for making me day dream for the rest of the week. It is very difficult to choose only one, I repeat again, ONLY ONE tool from Doraemon’s magic pocket. How could you so mean to me dear admins? :p

Honestly, I hope I could have Doraemon’s magic pocket haha. But, if I have to choose only one tool I will choose “Magic Wallet” Ahaaaa.. Do you want to know what a “Magic Wallet” is? Or do you already have an idea what kind of tool that is? Hehe…

Yap, you’re right! A “Magic Wallet” is wallet that can multiply your money. Haha. Sorry. I have to admit that I’m a material girl. LOL. Just kidding. Ok, back to the topic. How does a “Magic Wallet” work? Simply, just open the wallet, put your money inside, close it and wait exactly an hour. Open the wallet again, Taraaaaaa and your money will multiply 😀 Wow magic happens. But remember, this “Magic Wallet” can be use only once a day. So use it wisely.

How will this “Magic Wallet” help my life? I will be a millionaire! If I’m a millionaire, I will be a philanthropy as well. I will give my money to help other people, buy food for starving people and build a bridge for some kids who need to swim to reach their school, build some people houses. Besides those things, I definitely will use some money to travel all over the world with my baby boo 😀 Buy anything my momand mom in law want :p Give anything to my lovely cousins hehe… My God, life never feel so good!

Well, thank you for stopping by and reading my wild “dream”, dear friends :p Ok, from now on stop dreaming Puji, and continue your real life. Work smart, work hard and play harder!!