How gadget affects our life (BEC)

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Hello everyone, here we go again in BEC challenge 😀 the topic for this week quite difficult but still interesting tough.
So, how gadget affect my life?

Since I am using a smartphone, I feel more up to date, more sophisticated, cooler, and soon. Haha… I use my gadget for social media (oh of course!), capture a moment by taking a picture, writing a blog (sometimes), chatting, and do coordination with my team using group chatting 😀

By the way, before the topic for this week have decided, I already feels that I’m a gadget freak. I always check my phone during everything I did. When I eat, when I work or even worst when I am in the middle of meeting or talking with my friends. I know this is a bad habit, a very bad habit. And I decided to reduce checking frequency to my phone while I am with someone. I do this because I think that I have to respect people who talking with me and pay attention more to them.

And the result is I very enjoy talking with a real person instead of scrolling the twitter timeline 😀 haha… But I still need gadget for up to date news, keep in touch with my mom thru BBM, for sharing my photo on Instagram, and also for my job. As I mentioned before, we do work coordination via WA group. I think it’s impossible for me to have gadget fasting, but I promise for always keep my gadget on the desk whenever I’m talking with someone 😀