My Wildest Dream (BEC)


Finally i am decided to join BEC. Since my english language has no progress since i don’t know when haha. I could understand if people talk to me or read some article in English, but i’m very confuse to choose which grammar do i have to use to give them a feedback. I can use simple english only because my grammar was very very bad. I got my english course since i’m in school, even though my campus using 80% english. But whyyy my english still “oneng” why why? 😀 and i have no confident using English :p

So, back to the topic. What is my wildest dream. My wildest dream are


Ride on motorcycle with Valentino Rossi as fast as he can with his motorcycle of course. Haha. I really love motorcycle, and love high speed. Wink wink. I now this maybe seems very impossible to come true, but who knows God plan’s right? :p

And the last but not the least is I Want to become Miss Universe lol yeah let’s laugh together 😀

Miss Universe

Am i look good? :D
Am i look good? 😀

Why? In my humble opinion,i think it’s cool become the “most beautiful people in the whole universe :p” haha. And i can do charity as much as i want do all over the world haha. It’s sounds silly but yeah, i really want to become Miss Universe 😀

I try to reach my second dream, i joined Miss Indonesia in 2007  😀 and i’m become semifinalist (yess semifinalist doesn’t appear on TV :p) but i also knew, God also have the better plan 😀 Hahaha..

Enjoy your laugh and smiles after reading my post. And oh, don’t forget! Please do some correction if i use so many grammar in wrong way. My pleasure to have some correction from all of you, to make my English better 🙂

Ciao bella 🙂