How I Love My Niece so Much

Her name is Sabrina Sachie
Such a cute name, isn’t it? She’s 3 years old now. She’s very talkative, smart and chubby.
She loves anything about princess, like almost the toddler nowadays. :p
She loves to eat and addicted to milk hahahha
She also loves chocolate as well
Her mother sometimes upset with her, because she is a stubborn child (like every child right?)
Oo, now she has a little sister named Alisha Ashami
She sometimes ask her mom (my sister), why I didn’t come to my mom home? Lol
I felt that she grows up so fast, from a baby to a little girl who love pinkish things.
She becomes expertise to play a game in tab or phone (great smart, when I was as young as her, I go out playing “Karet” with my mate.
She loves to sing and dance as well.
She loves to make up, usually use my make up or her mother make up. Hahahaha
Sachie, mama uji loves you so much.



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