Public Relations For ME

Public Relations is an effort to maintain and establish goodwill and mutual understanding between company and its public. But in the fact, Public Relations isn’t all about Goodwill or Image. PR is bigger than that. PR can be a bridge to send message from the company to other community, such as shareholder, stakeholder, employee, media and public. Public Relations is department who should have good relationship to the media, other employee, and also community as well.

Public Relations isn’t about (only) write and publish PRESS RELEASE. Public Relations could have a very big impact to the company, either is good or bad. PR person have to have good skill to communicate, to persuade others, to analyze the situation, to do multitask job, still focus in under pressure situation. PR person should have ability to maintain their mood, have a smile face  and trusted from other.

See? That’s not easy become a GOOD PR, but that’s not hard too become a GOOD PR if there’s a chance and very big effort to achieves that. I’ve had learn so many about Public Relations, I have chance and also want to be A GUHREAT PR PERSON. So, I Promise myself to always do my best to achieve my goals, with giving big effort and always having a good spirit good mood. It’s a CLIMB….. KEEP UP YOUR MOOD …CHEEERS ^_^

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